Caavia John is a fast growing clothing line birthed on creative designs, street style wears, culture-relevant clothing and accessories . At Caavia John, we invest massively on research and technology. We develop ideas, invent new products collections and bring them to reality like no other.

Our Services

Design and Trend Direction

We work with both individual and groups on their designs. we are able to work with your inspiration, or we can provide moodboards and creative direction for you, it’s up to you. We invest in a lot of trend resources, so clients don’t have to. contact us

Production, Sourcing and Working with Suppliers

Getting ideas produced successfully can be difficult. In our many years in the industry we’ve been involved in the production of over 1000 styles and would love to help you go from idea to production effectively.

Education and Resources

A lot of our clients are totally new to fashion, or are fashion students without any real life industry experience. The fashion business is notoriously secretive and it can be hard to get insider information. We offer 1-on-1 consulting sessions,

Fashion and Street Events

Caavia John is taking the SPIRIT of the STREET around the world. This event features fashion in the STREET style. We organize carnivals where Fashion is absolutely seen with the street lens. You can partner with us

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